Passion for music

PRonX brings energy. With his variety tunes, going from Jazzy Sounds, Disco, Funk, R&B, Funk,Classics, House, Deep House, Melodic House and other cool stuff he can cater to any crowd. EACH NIGHT WILL BE A PARTY!

His musical roots comes from his background as classic and modern dancer. At a later age he worked for Dutch television making popular television shows. Another thing which formed PRonX was the Dutch gay scene. Each weekend you could find PRonX in the famous clubs like IT or Roxy. The experienced from this early days of the house scene is where his passion for electronic music took off. 

The life motto of PRonX "ENJOY LIFE" is obvious and you can hear those in his mixes. Experience an energetic night and ENJOY!


PRonX a creative multitalent

PRonX or Ronald Pronk is the co -owner of Jitty's Hair and Make-up. Together with his life partner Jitty they have started the salon in 2002. Ronald is the manager but does not do haircutting. During the early days of the salon Ronald still worked for Dutch television. Later he was needed more and more in the salon, so he stopped working for television. But creative persons need an outlet so he started Photography for the salon and corporate jobs. 

Because of the love for electronic music Jitty and Ronald started inviting DJ's to the salon. At one moment Ronald thought, maybe this is something for me. He started taking dj lessons at Dj School Amsterdam. And everything just lift off. A new passion was born, he graduated Cum Laude in this Dj School and currently Ronald is developing as a producer as well as a dj. 


Let's share our passion for great music